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wadap horse brethrin

This blog is 80% laugh until your eyes water,
and the rest is cool stuff

Harry Styles

Most likely will follow back.
By the way, I'm Josie.


Social Advertisement Powerful Ads

1. UN Women: Auto-complete shows perception of women by Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE

2. The Right to Childhood should be protected by Erik Ravelo

3. Animal abuse and shelters: Same pet, different owner by Advertising Agency: TBWA-Santiago Mangada Puno, Philippines

4. Innocence in Danger: Where’s the Pedophile by Art Director: Michael Arguello, Copywriter: Bassam Tariq, Additional credits: Jason Musante

5. You’re not a sketch: say no to anorexia by Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil

6. Liking isn’t helping. Be a volunteer, change a life by Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

7. Air pollution kills 60.000 people a year - Advertising Agency: unknown

8. For the homeless, everyday is a struggle by Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia

9. Bangalore traffic police: Don’t talk while driving by Advertising Agency: Mudra Group, India

10. Save paper, save the planet by Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark


Guys it’s really important during this whole ferguson protest that we as social media DO NOT back down until punishment is dealt to those racists. If we let this movement die, then the oppressors win. I’ve seen stuff like this before and the majority of people stop posting about it within a week. We can’t let that happen, this is too important. so keep reblogging and keep posting until these darn racists are punished for their awful inhumane actions. 

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So did anyone hear about the officer who placed a woman under arrest for breastfeeding in NYC? She went to get on her bus, he pulled her back by the collar of her shirt, and as a result she dropped her 3 month old baby. He still placed her under arrest while her baby was lying on the concrete with a cracked skull. Her daughter died at the hospital while she was at the police station. He’s on PAID leave.

Things like this piss me the fuck off

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why do girls have fake pockets when guys can fit a laptop in theirs 

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Man dees bitches formin monsters



Makeup Transformations (Part One)

Previously: Office Safari

okay but are we gonna ignore the fact that some of these are transmisogynist

Shut up

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sometimes u just gotta admit 2 ya self that ur a geek ass bitch and accept it and be okay wit it. 

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horror movie synopsis

  • white family moves into house
  • the house got some shit in it
  • family refuses to acknowledge that they got some shit in they house
  • turns out that shit is some ultrashit